Soups and light dishes

1. Soup of the day, salad bar and bread 1.950 kr.

2. Creamy lobster soup 2.300 kr.

served with garlic bread

3. Grilled lobster tails 3.400 kr.

with garlic butter, served with salad and toast

4. Deep-fried camembert 1.950 kr.

with toast and redcurrant jelly

5. Beef carpaccio 2.100 kr.

with rucola, pine nuts and parmesan

6. Chicken salad 2.300 kr.

with crispy bacon, feta cheese, vegetables, parmesan and
balsamic dressing

7. Deep fried squid 2.100 kr.


8. Prosciutto 2.250 kr.

di parma melon

9. Goat’s cheese salad 2.100 kr.

Goat’s cheese salad with fennel, walnuts and raspberries.

Garlic bread 850 kr.

Fish dishes

10. Catch of the day 3.900 kr.

11. Mixed seafood gratin 4.200 kr.

with haddock, prawns, lobster and scallops with rice and garlic bread

12. Grilled lobster tails 7.250 kr.

with garlic butter and toast

13. Roasted fillet of salted cod 4.100 kr.

with mashed potatoes, vegetables and 5 spice orange – liquorice sauce

14. Seawolf 3.950 kr.

with mango-chutney sauce, rice and vegetables

15. Deep-fried haddock 3.450 kr.

with french fries and sauce

16. Grilled Tiger shrimps 4.000 kr.

marinated in garlic and parsley with rice, salad, chili sauce and garlic bread

17. Grilled salmon 4.150 kr.

with “creamy miso”, roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes

Soup and salad bar together with a main course 850 kr.

Meat courses

20. Tandoori chicken 4.100 kr.

with coconut curry sauce, vegetables, rice and naan bread

21. Indian chicken tortilla 3.750 kr.

with mango, vegetables, coriander and yogurt sauce

22. Grilled chicken 4.100 kr.

dressed with rosemary, mashed potatoes, vegetables and madeira glace

23. Crispy Chicken 4.100 kr.

with Parmesan, mashed potatoes, vegetables and horseradish sauce

24. Grilled lamb 4.200 kr.

with béarnaise sauce and baked potato

25. Crispy rack of lamb 5.400 kr.

with herbs, madeira glaze, vegetables, hasselback potato and red onion compot

26. Pepper beef steak 5.250 kr.

with french fries, vegetables and béarnaise sauce

27. Grilled beef 5.700 kr.

with roasted lobster tail, mushrooms sautéed in butter, vegetables, hasselback potato and pepper sauce

Pasta, vegetarian dishes and pizza

50. Penne pasta 2.850 kr.

with tomato oregano cream sauce, parmesan, pine nuts, paprika, mushrooms and garlic bread

51. Penne pasta 2.850 kr.

with chicken, mushroom, broccoli, garlic cream sauce and garlic bread

52. Tagliatelle 3.100 kr.

with chili-garlic roasted, white fish, salmon, scallops and shrimps in white wine sauce and garlic bread

53. Tagliatelle 3.100 kr.

with chicken, basil, rocket, pine nuts, parmesan and garlic bread

54. Vegetarian dish 3.000 kr.

of the house

56. Pizza Margarita 1.850 kr.

with sauce, cheese and oregano

57. Pizza pepperoni 2.250 kr.

with sauce, cheese, paprika, mushrooms, olives and pepperoni

58. Pizza 2.550 kr.

with sauce, cheese, cherry tomatoes, rocket, parma ham and parmesan

59. Pizza Hawai 2.250 kr.

with sauce, cheese, ham and pineapple


60. Hamburger 2.100 kr.

with blue cheese, bacon, vegetables*, sauce and french fries

61. Cheese-burger 1.950 kr.

with cheese, vegetables*, sauce and french fries

62. BBQ-burger 2.000 kr.

with Hickory-smoke sauce, cheese, vegetables*, sauce and french fries

63. Hamburger 2.100 kr.

with cheese, bacon, egg, vegetables*, sauce and french fries

64. Fried sandwich 1.700 kr.

with ham, cheese and french fries

65. Grilled sandwich 1.850 kr.

with salad, egg, bacon, ham, cheese and french fries

* Iceberg, tomato and red onion


100. Chocolate soufflé 1.650 kr.

with ice-cream and whipped cream

101. Triple scoop ice cream 1.450 kr.

with fresh fruit, chocolate sauce and whipped cream

102. Vanilla Crème brûlée 1.650 kr.

with fresh fruit and whipped cream

103. French Chocolate Cake 1.700 kr.

with whipped cream

104. Vanilla ice-cream 1.450 kr.

with hot espresso, chocolate sauce and whipped cream


We serve a variety of drinks: soft drinks, juices, beer, cocktails, strong alcohol, wine and coffee drinks.

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