Soup of the day with bread 2.490

Creamy lobster soup 3.490

Served with garlic bread.

Garlic roasted langoustine 4.990

With garlic butter, toasted bread and salad.

Deep-fried camembert 3.190

With toasted bread and currant jelly.

Beef carpaccio 3.490

With rucola, pine nuts and parmesan.

Smoked beetroot carpaccio (V) 2.990

With balsamic coconut glaze, rucola, sesame seeds and pine nuts.

Fish dishes

Fish of the day 5.390

Mixed seafood gratin 6.190

Haddock, shrimps, scallops and langoustine, mushrooms and leek.
Served on a pan with rice and garlic bread.

Garlic roasted langoustine 8.990

With garlic butter, toasted bread and salad.

Icelandic mussels 6.990

Cooked in a creamy white wine and garlic sauce. Served with a bread basket.

Grilled salmon 5.990

With mashed potatoes, tahini sauce, celery root puree and grilled vegetables.

Seafood tagliatelle 5.190

Pasta in creamy white wine sauce, with fish, shrimps, scallops, prawns and chilli. Served with garlic bread.

Grilled king prawns 5.590

Marinated in garlic and sweet chilli, with rice,
roasted vegetables, salad and garlic bread.

Fish & chips 4.990

Deep-fried haddock served with fresh salad, french fries and cocktail sauce.

Steaks & Meat Dishes

Crispy rack of lamb 6.990

With madeira glaze, roasted vegetables, hasselback potato and caramelised red onion.

Grilled rump of lamb 6.590

With béarnaise sauce, baby potatoes, grilled vegetables and caramelised red onion.

Surf & Turf steak (200g) 7.990

Beef tenderloin served with roasted langoustine,
hasselback potato, butter-fried mushrooms, grilled vegetables and pepper sauce.

Beef pepper steak (200g) 7.590

Beef tenderloin served with béarnaise sauce, baby potatoes and roasted vegetables.

Roasted duck 7.490

Duck breast with orange glaze, hasselback potato, celery root purée,
butter fried mushrooms and string beans.

Grilled chicken breast 6.090

Dresses with rosemary and served with madeira glaze,
mashed potatoes, and roasted vegetables.

Homemade cheeseburger 4.490

130g Icelandic beef, cheese, bacon, salad, tomato, béarnaise sauce,
caramelised & pickled onion.
Served with baby potatoes, parmesan and truffle mayo.

Vegetarian dishes & Pizza

Barley patties | Vegetarian dish 4.990

Served with oven baked white cabbage, butter-fried broccolini,
beetroot glazed bok choy salad, raita and tahini sauce.
You can get it vegan!

Wild mushroom tagliatelle (V) 4.490

Creamy garlic sauce, wild mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and pine nuts.
Served with garlic bread.

Langoustine pizza 4.990

Sauce, cheese, langoustine, cherry tomatoes, rucola, parmesan, oregano.
Served with garlic oil.

Meat pizza 4.490

Sauce, cheese, ground beef, pepperoni, bacon, parmesan, oregano.
Served with garlic dressing.

Vegetable pizza 3.990

Sauce, cheese, broccolini, paprika, red onion, mushrooms, parmesan, oregano.
Served with garlic oil.


Chocolate soufflée 2.290

With ice cream, fresh fruits and whipped cream.

Icelandic skyr mousse 2.290

With blueberry jam and white chocolate.

Vanilla crème brûlée 2.290

With fresh fruits and whipped cream.

French chocolate cake 2.290

With whipped cream, fresh fruits and ice cream.

Vegan date cake 2.290

With caramel sauce, vegan whipped cream and fresh fruits.